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 3. Questions, 06 October – 19 October 2014

Week 2-3

Each class formulates a question on their Learning Circle theme according to criteria for quality research sponsored question.







GS2, Terry Fox Elementary School, Canada, Question:

Does your country support sports/games that can cause people to be seriously injured (ex.sports in which head injuries frequently occur)?
If so, what dangerous sports/games do they support and why do they do this?
If not, how are decisions made not to allow such sports/games?  (Is it the result of a vote etc.?)






GS3, James W Hill Public School, Canada, Question:



How might you spend your recesses or free time?   Gaming (electronic games) are becoming extremely popular and part of society.  Many games are thought provoking and involve strategy.  Why might parents and teachers be reluctant to allow them during recess or as an after school activity? How can students make parents and teachers understand the benefits of them?

Does your school allow you to play them?  Why or why not?






GS4, Cosburn Middle School, Canada, Question:


How might having a unique sport or game within your country have a positive impact on your society (eg. health, activity level or mental health)?

Describe your unique sport or game and how it brings you together as a community.





GS5, Kraslava Secondary School Varaviksne, Latvia, Question:


What are after-school activities in your school and do you organize any sport activities?

Do boys and girls do the same sport in your school?




GS6, Zöld Sziget Körzeti Általános Iskola, Hungary, Question:


What is the most popular sport in your country?

In which kind of sport is your country the most successful?







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