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 5. Summaries, 17 November  30 November 2014

Week 9-10

Each class summarizes the answers received from other Learning Circle partners and post them to the wiki site.





Summary GS2, Terry Fox Elementary School, Canada


Terry Fox summary J&K.docx Terry Fox summary M&S.docx




Summary GS3, James W Hill Public School, Canada








Summary GS4, Cosburn Middle School, Canada


Work in progress... Thank you (Merci) for answering our question and providing your information. We learned a lot about your culture and community/society. When we started this program, we wanted to learn about your country's similarities and differences compared to our country. Latvia expresses their uniqueness by providing details about their cultural celebrations and heritage and how it impacts their society; bringing them together like one big family.


The information that Latvia gave us makes Latvia sound like an AMAZING place to be! Expect us to visit soon :D We like the way that you linked your games with your celebrations. Your pictures of the Summer Solstice celebrations are very  appealing, and gives us a visual understanding of how you celebrate this special event. The Summer Solstice is an intriguing introduction to Latvia. Most of us have never heard about the Summer Solstice so when you explained it to us we wanted to experience it for ourselves. You taught us a lot about Latvian culture.


 From the Terry Fox School, we learned a little more about Canada from a different  perspective. Canada has some great and original sports that bring us together as a nation. We enjoyed watching the videos, they were a great way to indicate how to play each sport.  The videos inspired us to try something new! Taking risks are important and can change your life.  No matter what sport you play, it always brings us together as friends.


  Overall, we had a great learning experience while having fun at the same time. We really enjoyed learning about Latvian culture and some new and different sports. We would like to thank you for your initiative and effort, we appreciate your work. This project helped us to realize that the world would be a dull place if it were not for our differences.

Summary GS5, Kraslava Secondary School Varaviksne, Latvia



We asked this question because we wanted to know how children or young people spent their free time after school. School is an important part of our life, it is where we first learn how to relate to other people, to cope with them and where we build relationships that can last for the lifetime.

Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes adults forget it and they see the school as a place where children get just lectures. We think instead that it is important that the school organizes also after school activities as it is part of school’s educational role, because, by participating in these activities, children not only have fun, but they learn something more about life, about people around them: they grew as people, not only as students who have to enlarge their knowledge.

We are happy to see from your answers that also in our country plenty of after school activities are organized. The most popular sport children play after school are volleyball, football, basketball, hockey, handball… moreover there are a lot of clubs children can join after the school, such as dance club, chess club, echo club, reading club and music club and the children from GS2 said that they have also community centers next door from their school which give the possibility to take part in more after school activity.

From your answers we also learnt that, as in our school, girls and boys have sometimes common interests and they enjoy the same clubs and after school activities, but speaking of sport, boys and girls often play in separated team, especially when they are teenager and the physical difference between them is growing and for safety reasons it is better that boys and girls play in different teams. This doesn’t mean, as children  from GS4 rightfully wrote, that girls are weak and are bad at sport, indeed there are plenty of successful women in sport history. Women and men are simply different and therefore they tend to succeed in different sport, even if exceptions are always possible ( there are exceptionally strong women, as well as whippy men).

So, reading what you all answered to our question, we can say that sports and game unite children from all around the world, as the most popular sport are almost the same in all the country who took part in this project; moreover all our schools organize after school activities, so that children can have fun together and learn to build new relationships; finally, even if sometimes boys and girls are divided by their difference in physic, it doesn’t mean they can’t both enjoy sport and physical activity.  







Summary GS6,Zöld Sziget Körzeti Általános Iskola, Hungary

It is very interesting that in this project we have met two different countries which are situated in the northern areas, but in two different continents like Europe and America. So it isn't suprising that the most popular sport in both of these countries is ice hockey.I n Hungary it is popular now, but only for a few years, because the Hungarian Hockey Team plays in World Championship.  A-league few times, and only cities with big factories or sport clubs can afford having an ice hockey team. So Hungary is good in quite other kind of sports like swimming,water polo,kayak-canoening,fencing or handball,what are not really winter sports.

The soccer what is a typical European sport is the most popular in Hungary like on the world,and it becomes more and more popular even in North America. We had a fabulous soccer team in the 1950th (called The Golden Team), but we have dropped off from every World and European Championship Qualifiers since 1986 (hopefully we hold on this year, we have chance!). So this interesting thing that the most popular (sport) is not the most succesful (sport) is proven true.










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